Getting started…

This tutorial page is dedicated to the usage of Liger Cluster, and should help you to get a better understanding of the machines you are going to use, and provide you with enough elements to run your first jobs. Make sure to fully understand the “My First Steps” section content, in order to be able to follow the walk through in the “Advanced” section.

A note on parallel computing: Newcomers unfamiliar with the basis of parallel computing are invited to consult the excellent LLNL tutorial (below) on the subject, as well as an explanation of the differences between the two main programming methods used in parallel computing: OpenMP & MPI.

My First Steps

We suggest STRONGLY you print and regularly consult information from the following handy and A4 printable reference cards and primers :

» Hands-On Liger / Démarrer sur Liger
» Liger, Bests Practices Guide
» Linux/UNIX Handy Reference (pdf)
» Slurm Command Summary (pdf)


Batch System

A SLURM primer
Job monitoring
Slurm Utilization Examples @ULHPC
SLURM Basic Commands


Introduction to Environment Modules by Wolfgang Baumann
Module Tutorials @NERSC
Module Documentation @ULHPC


Linux Tutorial for Beginners
UNIX Basic Commands and more
A comprehensive list of UNIX commands (bash and ssh)
Learning the SHELL
The UNIX Shell


LLNL Reference on understanding Parallel Computing
Best Practice Guide Generic x86 (pdf)
Popular frameworks for parallel programming, OpenMP and MPI
Difference between Shared Memory und Distributed Memory in a concrete C code example
Courses on HPC @ICI-Academy


GitHour Session Talks @ICI-Academy
Git Explained by Atlassian
TryJulia (a high-level and a high-performance dynamic programming language)
Version Control with Git

Recommended Links