User Regulations

The User Regulations define the basic guidelines for the usage of ICI-CNSC computing resources. The right to access ICI-CNSC resources may be revoked to whoever breaches any of the user regulations.

Terms & Conditions

These are the Terms & Conditions, which users need to follow in order to access ICI-CNSC computing resources.

» Access to ICI-CNSC facilities is granted on an individual basis. An account is usable by the applicant only and only for the explicit purposes stated in the project application. ICI-CNSC does not allow sharing of accounts.

» The applicant is not permitted to give any other person (project member or otherwise), organization or representative of any organization access to ICI-CNSC facilities explicitly or implicitly, through negligence or carelessness. Revealing of passwords or identification protocols through verbal, written or electronic means is strictly prohibited. Any such activity is considered a breach of ICI-CNSC security, the contract between the applicant and ICI-CNSC at the moment the Account Application Form is submitted and approved, and the established contracts between ICI-CNSC and its computer vendors. Should such activity occur, the applicant will be immediately barred from all present and future use of ICI-CNSC facilities and is fully liable for all consequences arising from the infraction.

» Any indication of usage or requests for runs which give rise to serious suspicion will be further investigated and escalated to the appropriate authorities if necessary.

» Access to and use of data of other accounts on ICI-CNSC systems without prior consent from the principal investigator (PI) to which project the user account pertains is strictly prohibited. The terms and conditions for use of data from other accounts must be directly agreed to by the data owner.

» The applicant confirms that all information provided on his/her Account Application Form is true and accurate, and that she/he has not knowingly misrepresented him/herself.

» The principal investigator should promptly and proactively notify ICI-CNSC as soon as the applicants (i.e. the future account owner) should be suspended.

» All CNSC account holders are fully bound to obey by the ICI-CNSC Acceptable Use Policy For HPC Resources on Liger (must be signed by the applicant) and following charters. Almost all documents below are in french. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help for translation.

» RENATER Acceptable Use Policy – Réseau National de télécommunications pour la Technologie l’Enseignement et la Recherche (english version pdf).
» ANSSI (Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information) recommendations for the use of passwords.

» ECN Acceptable Use Policy Of Computing Resources (french version)

Code of Conduct

The ICI-CNSC code of conduct (version of January 1st, 2016) aims to outline the responsibilities and the proper practices for CNSC user community.

Access to Source Codes

If you are using your own code for production projects at CNSC, you agree to make this code available to ICI-CNSC application analysts for performance analysis and optimization purposes (if necessary). If you are using third-party commercial or community open-source codes, ICI-CNSC will contact the developer as needed.


Users must quote and acknowledge the use of ICI-CNSC resources in all publications related to their production and development projects as follows: “This work was performed by using HPC resources of the Centrale Nantes Supercomputing Centre on the cluster Liger and supported by a grant from the Institut de Calcul Intensif (ICI) under the project ID ### / year