Allocation Schemes

ICI-CNSC resources currently distribute compute time through the following allocation schemes according to a master condition agreement (MCA) with Centrale Nantes (ECN).

Preparatory Projects

They are intended only for users who are NEW to ICI-CNSC to allow them to port and test their codes before applying for one of below project schemes. These projects are generally granted a limited total of core hours over a finite and small amount of compute resources in time and be approved by ICI. No proposals are required.

» For more information and application, please contact at direction.ici [@]

Industrial, Academic and SME Projects

They are intended for users to work on research and development topics with approved fundings (ANR, FUI, Europe, etc.) or private fundings.

» For more information, please contact us at direction.ici [@] and send your project proposal for a request application.

Research & Development Collaboration Projects

They are intended for projects with R&D Collaborations with ICI and ECN lab partners (today internal MCA signed with AAU, LMJL, GeM, LHEEA and LS2N).

» For more information, please contact direction.recherche [@] and send your project proposal for a request application.

Open Projects

Also known as GLiCID Projects, they are meant for work on codes and algorithms. Call For Proposals are opened any time in the year with monthly deadline before the 28th for an allocation on the following month.

Almost 12 millions core hours total are available on both regional computing centers, CCIPL and ICI-CNSC, with resources equally splitted for development and innovative projects with no funding required. Proposals are granted based on scientific merit and technical feasibility assessment.

» For more information, please contact us at contact [@]

If nothing fits above…

Please feel free to contact us at direction.ici [@] to discuss how we can help you find the best solution to fit.