New User of Existing Project


Before filling the form

Make sure to have the following information.

» An external IP address of your machine reachable from outside to connect to the cluster. Please refer to your local IT administrator/team.

When filling the form

Please note that as soon as you submit your form, you agree to the ICI-CNSC User Regulations stated here »

Please provide proper information:

» Institutional email address (gmail, hotmail, etc. will not be accepted)

» Institutional address and phone (your private data will not be accepted)

» Correct information (title, name, etc.)

Accounts are usually opened within 72 hours (work-day) from receiving the PI’s approval and ICI-CNSC Acceptable User Policy signed.

Only for PI / Project Leader before applying below

» please inform us at your willing to use the cluster resources for your project.

» if you haven’t requested a creation nor signed a MCA with ECN/ICI for your project on Liger, please read the allocation scheme first before going further in the form.

For Everyone Else

Apply below only if you have the Liger Project ID (so called LIPID). Your account will be opened automatically only after we have received an e-mail of documents signed from you.