Founded in September 2014, ICI, the High Performance Computing Institute, hosts the Centrale Nantes Supercomputing Centre (ICI-CNSC), built in January 2016 and located in Centrale Nantes Campus . The HPC facility operated by ICI develops and provides the key supercomputing capabilities required to solve important problems to science and/or society by associating with a high performance computing research laboratory, unique in the french western region.

The ICI-CNSC, resources are open to academia, and are available as well to users from industry and the business sector.

The main objectives of this project are related with the democratization of the numerical tools for massively parallel computing for a wide range of applications and challenges.

A Brief Of History


» Centennial Year for Ecole Centrale de Nantes & Science Fair as “Village des sciences” where ICI-CNSC hosted GENCI posters gallery for its “10 years of HPC using french national and regional supercomputers”


» Centrale Nantes and CREPS Pays de la Loire build a high-fidelity simulator of the complete boat-oar-rower system with the SPRing Project. Simulation CFD will use Liger cluster for high-computation.
» Simulation & emergency ditching in the SARAH research project with LHEEA.
» GIS Call For Projects opened : CHU INSERM ROP, LTEN UN
» StartUps : Hera-MI develops a solution to improve the accuracy of early breast cancer detection and thus the quality of patient management.
» Industrials : CSTB


» INSERM/CHU project with ATIP-Avenir UPR1064 Team
» Industrials : Nextflow, Hydrocean, BureauVeritas


» Linpack runs on 252 nodes with a 78% efficiency, Rmax ~ 190 Tflops
» 1st industrial contract with IRT Jules Verne (projects HYSMER and SODA)
» ECN Lab Partners use Liger resources : GeM, LHEEA and LS2N
» Groupe d’Intérêt Scientifique (GIS) signed between ECN and Université de Nantes


» 1st job compute on 864 cores cluster installer at BULL Site (Angers)
» HPC Facility finished building on Centrale Nantes Site (Building D)
» Move from BULL Site to Campus Site (6048 cores/252 nodes installed)


» ICI project wins ConnecTalent Call